Project Estimating

Give us a set of blue prints or your ideas for construction, and we will provide you with estimates for each trade. We can submit by line item a proposal of everything included in the project, General Conditions, Labor & Materials, we will apply value engineering and list the savings. Avoid over budget embarrassments.

A detailed construction cost estimation is necessary for predicting the cost of any facility or structure under construction. It is an important part of the overall cost management for the builder, as well as necessary for budget adherence.

Different Types of Construction Cost Estimates

Historically, most construction cost estimates were either prepared by architects, or by contractors or other specialist estimating firms. Although several different factors are considered while forming an exhaustive construction cost estimate, they generally are of the following three types.

Design Estimates
  • Design Estimates
  • Screening estimates
  • Engineer’s estimates (based on specifications and architectural plans).
  • Preliminary cost estimat